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Ann Makena was born and raised in Meru, Kenya. She relocated to the United States in her early twenties to pursue education and other dreams. Ann’s top priority is that of raising her children. She is the wife of Steve Daggett and is the mother of Sally and Nate. Her passion is in writing educating, and inspiring others—especially during tough times—as well as the wellbeing of orphans and abandoned children. She has a heart for oppressed women and single mothers of the world.

Ann has founded a charitable organization fostering home for orphans with hopes to change the culture of orphans and abandoned children in Kenya. She is ordained as a minister. Ann has an MA of theological studies, a BS in psychology and counseling, a BA in divinity, and an MA in ministry leadership. Previously Ann served for ten years as a full-time chaplain for Hospice of the Twin Cities. She is currently engaged in writing, motivational speaking, community educating, as well as pursuing the affairs of the charitable organization City’s Heart Cry Ministries. To learn more about CHMC visit Ann stands on the scripture, Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths,” NKJV.

Nate A. Munene is 14 years old, an eighth grader and main author of the book, “Miracles Still Happen,” IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE-EXPLAIN ME. He is junior board member for City’s Heart Cry Ministries, CHMC, a charitable organization. “Miracles Still Happen” is his first book. Nate was not expected to live at birth and has fought hard for his life as he shares in his story. Nate loves Art and Writing and spends a lot of his time doing drawing or writing among other day to day activities with school and family life. Nate loves playing reading with his younger sister Sally and spending time with family and friends. He loves traveling to Kenya where he has lots of close family living. Nate generally, has great love and care for people; and appreciation for life.